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The materials of Diamond 3D Book contains is owned by the site developers (DEVELOPERS) - Octonus Software Ltd. and the Gemological Center of Moscow State University, except those articles where the authors of the article (ARTICLE AUTHORS) are explicitly indicated.

This ownership includes copyrights on information, trademarks, and technologies. All the above-mentioned is presented as texts, graphics, audio- and video-materials, and software modules. The developers and article authors retain all the rights on the aforesaid materials. Thus, the developers do not grant you any license or ownership of any of the published materials.
The developers and article authors do not entitle you to reproduce any material contained in Diamond 3D Book in any form and for any purpose except personal purposes. Any publication of these materials for non-personal purposes becomes legal only when supported with a written permission from the developers.
The ownership of the aforesaid materials is protected by International Laws on intellectual property and corresponding laws of Russian Federation. If you are using any of these materials for any purpose, you are automatically supposed to agree with the rules specified in this document.
All the trademarks mentioned within the Diamond 3D Book are property of their owners.
Disclaimer on Contents
The developers cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the materials published on Diamond 3D Book CD as well as the absence of errors in these. Therefore, you cannot reliably trust in this information until you receive an appropriate written notification from us.
In no event and under no circumstances, will the developers be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, penalty, or consequential losses arising out of the use of the materials published on Diamond 3d Book CD.
Disclaimer on Links
Diamond 3d Book contains some links to other sites. We do our best to publish only those links pointing to sites that guarantee high-quality and reliable information. Nevertheless, we bear no responsibility for the contents of these sites and for the correctness of the information they publish.
The developers do not confirm the correctness, legality, and reliability of the contents of other sites, links to which are published here. The visitor is thereby responsible for any risk caused by possible inaccuracy or insecurity of the contents of Diamond 3d Book CD.
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