About Demo Version
It is a functionally limited version. That is a reason some topics are unavailable and marked as gray in left menu.
Note : you can run on-line version only on Internet Explorer 4.0 SP1 or later under Windows 95 or Windows 98.
You need Flash Plug-In
To see part of Demo version, you need Flash Plug-in (a free browser add-on for animation and interactivity).
If you haven't it :
1. Go to Macromedia Site and click "Autoinstall Now" button. Their site detects which version of Flash you need and the download is under 200K.
2. Install Shockwave Flash (follow the instructions on Macromedia's site).
3. Go to On-Line Demo. If you can't see the top navigation bar on this page after refreshing, you may have to restart your browser.
If you're having trouble installing Flash, try reading Flash support documents or call eagles@geol.msu.ru
Click one of this mirrors (all in english)
www.cutstudy.com USA, Denver
www.gemology.ru Russia, Moscow
www.octonus.ru Russia, Moscow
www.narod.ru Russia, Moscow

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