We are glad to announce that the 2nd International Diamond Cut Conference (IDCC-2) will take place in Switzerland in spring 2009.

Please visit IDCC-2 page at http://idcc2.octonus.com for more information.


Our IDCC-I articles and posters are available:

IDCC-I: Diamond Cut Grading System based on 3D model. A Strategy for Development. S.B. Sivovolenko, Yu.B. Shelementyev, April 2004

IDCC-I: The Stages of Development and Implementation of a Diamond Cut Grading System. S.B. Sivovolenko, Yu.B. Shelementyev, April 2004

IDCC-I: Poster Session, April 2004

    18.11.2003 The new article "On grading the symmetry of round brilliant cut diamonds" by Sergey Sivovolenko, Yuri Shelementiev, Garry Holloway is posted today at Diamond Cut Study section.  
  19.12.2002 Now you can see a new collection of movies created with the recent version of the DiamCalc software. The movies from this collection visually explains several cut characteristics like light return, leakage etc.  
    6.11.2002 Octonus brilliance beauty research: test with real diamonds. Several diamond sets: "ideal cut", table tilted and with symmetry deviations in research of the leading US and international experts and the diamond scanner results. As discussed at the diamond forum. More...  

4.04.2002 The new article "Rainbow in a Colorless Gem" by Anton Vasiliev is posted today at Diamond Cut Study section.


26.02.2002 The new article "On the problem of grading the quality of diamond cut: an analysis of some aspects of the problem" by Sergey Sivovolenko, Yuri Shelementiev, Vladimir Onischuk, Garry Holloway is posted today at Diamond Cut Study section.


3.12.2001 " "Diamond Design" Revisited" by Bruce Harding, Holden, MA 1975 May 15, is published for the first time at the Diamond Cut Study section of our server. The article is published with permission of the author.
'This was offered to Richard Liddicoat, Pres. of GIA, in May 1975. He politely declined it because "it might shake faith in the GIA proportion-grading system" (approximate quote). Then they dropped proportion-grading in 1979 and began their long and costly computer study, still in progress'

  02.11.2001 We would like to inform you about the release of the demo version of GemAdviser. It allows to evaluate diamond Light Return, Leakage and Contrast.  
    16.03.2001 "Faceted Limits" by Bruce Harding, Holden, Massachusetts, USA, is now republished at the Diamond Cut Study section of our server. The article is reproduced with permission of the author and GIA, which published the "Faceted limits" in Gems&Gemology in 1975. This paper is devoted to angle limits for cut gemstones including diamonds.  
  10.01.2001 We are glad to inform you about starting USA Mirror of our site ! Now you can use http://www.cutstudy.com for the most effective surfing on our site. Today available Diamond Cut Study section.  
  10.01.2001 A detailed description of the unique software tool GemCalc for the most effective cut and maximum beauty of color is available now at GemCalc page. We are delighted to announce that a new software GemCalc will be launched in February 2001, extending the expertise of DiamCalc into the world of color gemstones.  
  23.11.2000 The new article "Diamond Grading Reports: Flawless or Imperfect" (by Russell Shor, "Jewelers' Circular Keystone" Senior Editor) is added at articles section. Originally, this article was published in JCK Issue, 1995.  
  01.11.2000 Figures "Kozibe, FishEye, Nail Head and Light Return plots" in article "Developing of Diamond Cut Grading System by MSU Computer Tools " are updated. The Nail Head effect was added.  
  22.10.2000 The article "Cutting Grades Two Years Off (by Russell Shor, GemKey Editor-in-Chief) is published today at Diamond Cut Study section (article was published first in GemKey Web Pages).  
  25.09.2000 We are glad to inform you on starting Internet sales of Diamond 3D ¬ook ! Now you can use http://www.tos.ru/octonus/ link to buy it. A payment can be done with a credit card. You can select a shipping option (express mail service) during the purchase process. We send 3D Book in 2 business days after the payment. More...
  24.08.2000 The new article "Developing of Diamond Cut Grading System by MSU Computer Tools " (by Sergey Sivovolenko and Yurii Shelementiev, MSU) is posted today at Diamond Cut Study section.  
  01.06.2000 As we now have got certification key from Thawte our software are digitally signed now. Thereupon, you can now verify that programs was not corrupted or infected after downloading, and on the other hand users do not need to change the Internet zone security level of their browsers.

Please, note : Users changed the Internet zone security level settings to low for the use of our diamond modeling software may set it back to default level, see details here.
  20.05.2000 Now you can see new description of 3d Book Diamond Course on CD on our site. You can also test WWW Demo version of product at these pages and look through a little collection of diamond images created by 3d Book tools.  
  19.04.2000 At the News section at GemKey Ideal Cut diamond round table are posted. The Ideal Cut Diamond problems discussed by Randy Wagner (GemEx), Michael Cowing (FGA), Sergey Sivovolenko (OctoNus), Yurii Shelementiev (MSU) and others.  
  21.01.2000 You can save and print image of diamond model, which you construct in our diamond modelling program. See topic "How to save and print simulated diamond picture?"  
    28.12.1999 A major chapter of Marcel Tolkowsky's book "Diamond Design" is published today at "Diamond Cut Study". Originally, this book was published in London, 1919. It is supposed to be the first try in mathematics-based diamond cut design.  
    21.12.1999 New article by J.S.Dodson "A statistical assessment of brilliance and fire for the round brilliant cut diamond" in Diamond Cut Study section  
  7.12.1999 The new section Ray-tracing software for examining cut diamonds is posted on Diamond Cut Sudy section.
You can start sample raytracing models from our collection.
    19.11.1999 The new article "Determination of the cut quality of a diamond and visual evaluation of its beauty" is posted at Diamond Cut Study section  
  16.11.1999 The stereo damond image model and the Hearts&Arrows pattern model are added to "Virtual Diamond Collection"  
    4.11.1999 The new section "Virtual Diamond Collection" is posted on server.  
  Welcome ! 1.11.1999  A new material explained our diamond cut study results published at www.gemology.ru/cut