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GemCalc 1.3

April 20, 2004. We are glad to inform you that the new version of GemCalc 1.3 is available for download.

The GemCalc 1.3 has the following updates:

- The algorithm for calculation of photoreal images is changed. It takes into consideration now the changes in the angle of divergence of non-parallel beams during refraction.
- Added possibility to edit imported convex cuts of any format, not only GemCad ASCII. Implemented parameters: average diameter; crown, pavilion heights; distance between crown and pavilion; culet and table offsets in horizontal plane
- The OctoNus Helium software can now export model of the scanned diamond and its parameters to 3D-Calc's DMC file. GemCalc can read such files and display the scanned model and its parameters. GemCalc can generate the same reports on scanned diamond as Helium does using the data provided by the Helium.
The new “Radiant” cut was added.
Restored the red-blue stereo mode.

See the detailed list of new features and fixes in GemCalc 1.3.

See previous versions history for the list of updates in previous versions.

The new 1.3 version is available from GemCalc download page.

Download GemCalc 1.2

What is GemCalc?
GemCalc is a computer software to model polished gemstones, which enables precise calculation of the weight and determination of the cut proportions. The real (photoreal) image of a polished diamond created by the system makes it possible to determine the cut parameters that cannot be measured directly and to select the optimal combination of the parameters to obtain the best perception (luster, brilliance, fire) of the stone. In addition to the most of the DiamCalc features, GemCalc allows to select the arbitrary refractive index and color, allowing to simulate any polished gemstones. To get familiar with GemCalc features take a look at the list of GemCalc features (see the links below).
GemCalc Description


GemCalc 1.2 demo available for download

Download free GemCalc demo 1.2

Note for unregistered useres: the demo expires on February 2, 2004.

GemCalc Evaluation

You can download GemCalc and try it FREE of charge. This version of GemCalc is a demo-version which expires in Februaty 2004 and has only one ("emerald") cut available. It can be converted to a fully-functional version with many cuts by purchasing on-line. Many functions of the GemCalc are accessible in the free version. After downloading, run the installation program and follow on-screen instructions.

User Support Pages
If you have questions regarding DiamCalc installing, using or buying, look at Support Pages. These pages include Installation Guide, Troubleshooting Guide, and answers on frequently asked user questions. You can send your questions and comments for User Support Service via e-mail.